My zines are quick and easy ways to read my books in a serialized and tangible format.

Paperback Junky is the closet thing to a fanzine I have. Each issue will have an article about a writer or artist that I love. It will have some reviews. It was also have my own serials, short stories and poetry.

Paperback Junky #1

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 1.19.02 PM In this first issue of the zine, I wrote an article (and did the cover art) about one of my favorite writers, Carter Brown. There is also a Hank Bradshaw short story and also one by ‘Kurt Jakowski’. Two serials start in this issue, Love & Hate that’s kind of soap opera-ish / hospital & police drama, and Maniac Blood which is an assassin story. I have a poem in there, too, called The Boy in the Rain. I think you’ll love it.

I’m still working out the kinks as to how I will be distributing these, but the titles that I have ready are down below. If there are any that you want, please hit me up on the contact page and I will get them out to you.

Black Star Canyon #1

BSC #1 copy This is the first of 25 issues that tells the entire story of Black Star Canyon. This first zine is also found in the book, Black Star Canyon, which can be purchase at Amazon. 26 pages $5.

The Brain Thief

BRAIN THIEF copy-2This is the first part of four. The first three parts of this story can be found in ebook on Amazon.com as The Brain Thief. 28 pages $5.

Unsane Sam

UNSANE SAM copy This is a novella. This can also be found in the ebook collection called Panic. 8 pages $2.

Black Market Blood Drive

BMBD VIC FINAL copyThe first in a novel series. The ebook can be purchased on Amazon. This zine is 36 pages and $5.

Dead Dame Walking

DDW COVER GMFThis is the first Hank Bradshaw novel. On Amazon, there is an ebook version as well as a paperback version. This zine is 36 pages and $5.

Dead Dame in the Trunk

DDIAT COVER GMFThe second Hank Bradshaw novel. On Amazon, there is an ebook version as well as a paperback version. This zine is 32 pages and $5.

Hank Freakin’ Bradshaw

HANK FREAKIN BRADSHAW copyThis is a Hank Bradshaw short story collection. These are not available together elsewhere. This zine is 12 pages and $2.

Cartwayne Twain

CARTWAYNE TWAIN EDWARDS FINAL copyThis is the five part poem in it’s entirety. You can find this poem on Amazon in a collection with the same title, in ebook format. This zine is 16 pages and $3.