The Brain Thief – Chapter 2

2 – Day Six Examination Roman pulled up the drive way to his house in his black, 1963 convertible Corvette and parked inside the empty three-car garage. He quickly pressed the button to shut the garage door before his car even stopped. As he walked through the semi-hollow garage, his footsteps echoed throughout the cavity […]

Love & Hate 3

3 Ciri was still unconscious in her hospital room when Chief of Police, Tim Dean, came into her room. Van jumped up from his chair at her bedside. “Dad! Thanks for coming personally, instead of sending in those idiots that work for you.” Tim wanted to scold Van for bad talking the force, but knew […]

Maniac Blood – Chapter 1

I was dreaming of something. I can’t remember what it was. Have you ever had a dream that know you were having, but then something woke you and the dream vanished out of your mind like a vacuum sucking up dust bunnies? Well that’s what happened. It was strange because even though I didn’t know […]

Shallow Giallo – Case of the Crystal Pubis – Chapters 1&2

Chapter 1 – The Tell-Tale Typewriter  Black gloved hands. They flew over a keyboard, typing relentlessly.  The glow from small desk lamp was the only thing that was illuminating the room. The banging finally ceased. The one in the black gloves stopped to read their work.   Od[iwd]vwd]voqwng[0iwdhv[nkw’knd’lvdvp]od v]pdv ]q9d0PA]V QWG]VPO V ;OQN[VNQ[0FRVG[WQKRGVN’QODIV [QFDV PQKMDF […]

Unsane Sam – Chapters 1&2

Chapter 1 Sam didn’t go unsane until his 24 birthday. I say “unsane” because Sam thought his sanity was sky rocketing him onto the moon. Sam thought that his sanity was the direct opposite of insane which would naturally make him unsane. The 24th birthday of a man is sometimes a painful thing, especially when […]