Love & Hate – Chapter 4

4 Brody Mills came storming into The Green Door saloon, Winston’s oldest and most popular bar. Allie Newton was wiping down the backbar when walked past her. “Brody! Where have you been? If max finds out how late you are…” “Is Max here?” he asked. Allie melted every time Brody looked at her with his […]

Love & Hate 3

3 Ciri was still unconscious in her hospital room when Chief of Police, Tim Dean, came into her room. Van jumped up from his chair at her bedside. “Dad! Thanks for coming personally, instead of sending in those idiots that work for you.” Tim wanted to scold Van for bad talking the force, but knew […]


2 Eden May sat a shaken Dr. Billy Bell down on a chair in the break room. “Are you all right?” she asked. Billy tried to hide his bruised ego. “I’m fine. Doesn’t that jerk understand that I am Ciri’s doctor? Her surgeon? Of course I want her to walk again. What kind of doctor […]