REVIEW: Forever and a Death by Donald E. Westlake

Nearly a decade after his death, Donald E. Westlake, has a new book on the shelves. FOREVER AND A DEATH was released on June 13th by Hard Case Crime. The story was at one point almost BOND 18. Westlake was hired by EON to write the new James Bond film. Westlake’s idea was to have […]

REVIEW: Home is the Sailor by Day Keene

I have been looking for a novel by Day Keene for sometime. I was told that if I love Harry Whittington and Gil Brewer (which I totally do), that I would go nuts over Day Keene. I had found some of his short stories in different anthologies that I had piked up over the years, […]

REVIEW: Get in the Van by Henry Rollins

Reading this book was a great trip into the nostalgia of being a teenager and an angsty punk rocker. The second edition, which is the one I read, was full of more photos and art by the amazing Raymond Pettibon. The book itself, is the collected journals that Henry Rollins wrote during his time touring […]