Cartwayne Twain by Alan Edwards

If you like Edgar Allen Poe or Tim Burton, you will LOVE Cartwayne Twain


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Gothic Romance, Murder, Depression, Suicide & Death. This collection of poetic tales of longing and the macabre will strike you deep in your soul.

Join Cartwayne on a journey of love and loss as he tries everything he can to make sure that he and his love, Anne, can be together. Murder, madness, longing and revenge fill this love story with a shocking twist.

Plus these other poems are included:
The Boy in the Rain
The Grave Robber
The Recreation of a Lost Love
Dark Blue Black
The Cabinet of the Midnight Phantom
The Old Dark Soul
The Greenbelt
The Spider of Monte Diablo
The Troll of Black Death
The Little House in Bloomfield
Runes for Sale
Three Dead Bodies
Vacancy, Vacancy
My Dark Mistress
The Gypsy From My Dream
The Haunting Glee
Suicide Note – 1st Draft
My Feeling
Infinite, Infinite
The Window of Yore
If Death Was a Feeling and Not An Event
The Death of My Soul
The Demon
A Lighthouse Called Myself
and more!