Black Star Canyon

A small town murder mystery for fans of Twin Peaks.


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When the mayor of Black Star Canyon finds the dead body of a young woman, Detective David Lukas is called in. But, as his investigation grows, dark secrets of the  towns inhabitants begin to come to light.

Praise for Black Star Canyon and C. C. Wall

“If well written, character driven mystery & suspense with a decent mix of horror is your thing then do yourself a favor and grab a copy of Black Star Canyon. Fans of Twin Peaks will love this series given the eclectic cast of characters within the town of Black Star Canyon. Each story line draws you in and leaves you wanting more.”
-David Delaney, author of The Vanishing

“With a clear influence of soap operas, TV dramas, and pulp fiction, Wall weaves together a tale of a creepy town that will keep you turning pages.  What really grabbed me the most about Black Star Canyon was the prose. Wall writes in an almost staccato-like manner and though it may be jarring for some, I found it to be very effective in conveying the nature of the story world.”
-Percival Constantine, author of Fallen Idol