Let’s just get real here for a minute. Every book and zine that GMF puts out is really written by me, Matt. I have a lot of different pen names because I like to write in a lot of different genres and for some reason, genre hopping isn’t really a great way to build an audience.

Mick Hunter is detective fiction. Vic Lord is horror. Leon Stickley is crime fiction. Denton Moore is pulpy and superhero type stuff. James Ian Carter is my spy thriller guy. Alan Edwards is my poet. I think you see what I mean.

Gold Metal Faucet started in 2016 as a quarterly magazine of short stories.

That lasted one issue.

In 2017, I decided to branch out into a more serious publisher of genre books.

The name is inspired by the company that turned the publishing world on it’s head by publishing paperback originals for the first time.

In the summer of 2017, I decided that I would also run series of zines. These zines are the serialized version of many of my stories. That was the way that I always wanted them to be. Selling serials on online on places like Amazon, is kind of a hard gig. I think the zines will really help get my work out there, inexpensively and the way that I had always intended them to be.

Paperback Junky is two things. Firstly, it’s my Booktube (Youtube channel about books) channel that I do. I review books, talk to other readers, film massive book hauls and so on and so forth. It is really fun and I hope that you stop by and subscribe.

Secondly, Paperback Junky is part fanzine, part literary zine. For instance in the first issue, I do a short retrospective on the career of one of my favorite writers, Carter Brown. Short stories by Mick Hunter and Kurt Jakowski. Serials by C. C. Wall and James Ian Carter and poetry by Alan Edwards.