Maniac Blood – Chapter 3


The next thing that I remembered, was that I was standing in a small room. There was a man standing pretty close to me, looking me in the eyes. I didn’t recognize him. He was about my height. His hair was light brown and shaggy, his bangs were almost in his eyes. His cheeks were gaunt and his beard was full. His eyes looked at me with a piercing ferocity.

I didn’t like him.

I heard LaGar’s voice next to me. “What are you waiting for?”

I slowly turned my head towards where LaGar’s voice was coming from. I kept my eyes on the man across from me. I saw that he was turning towards LaGar, too. His eyes still locked with mine.

“Come on,” LaGar said. “Wash up so I can give you a shave.” He was smiling and it made me feel more relaxed. “It’s been awhile since you looked in a mirror, huh?”

“Mirror?” I heard my voice say, but don’t remember actually speaking.

I turned back to the man across from me. His eyes, like mine, were not angry anymore but confused and frightened. I rubbed my jaw and the man across from me did the same. I felt that I also had a beard. Everything I did, the man across from me did.

“Who are you?” I asked.

He asked it at the same time!

“What?” I asked.

Again, he copied me.

I moved my hand up quickly to grab the man by the throat, we ended up hi-fiving.

LaGar chuckled. “That’s you in the mirror, silly.”

“Oh,” I smiled. “It is.”

I made funny faces and stuck out my tongue.

LaGar and I laughed.

I washed my face and LaGar shaved off both of our beards. Then, he walked me to the barber. We had to go in an elevator to get there. I don’t remember ever going there before, but the funny old man remembered me and the elevator felt familiar.

“I hear you’re really going places!” the old man said. He hands moved much more quickly with the scissors than I thought he would move. Little bunches of hair fell down before my face. I could feel more bunches fall down my neck, shoulders and back.

He turned me around to face a small mirror, this was a mirror, I was sure of it. I was sure because I recognized the person in it. It was me!

I smiled.

My hair was short and neatly combed. I face was cleanly shaved. My face was a little thinner than I remembered, but it was nice to see, nonetheless.

“You look great!” LaGar said. Then, he shook his head and said, “Ladykiller!” and chuckled.

“No. I’m killing the man and letting the lady go.”

LaGar’s smile disappeared and he shared a strange look with the old man. “Let’s get you back upstairs.”

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