Shallow Giallo – Case of the Crystal Pubis – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Edwin walked through the dark, foggy, desolate streets of Rome. He didn’t see a soul. If you are one of the few people that have never met, read of, or seen Edwin Fenech, he probably isn’t at all what you would expect. He isn’t tall and handsome. He isn’t well groomed. Edwin is medium height but weighs over 300 pounds. He has scraggly hair and an overgrown beard. His clothes aren’t much to write home about either with the exception that he always has beautiful coats. Usually leather. He eats shit and chain smokes cigarettes as if he had a life time supply in his breast pocket. Whatever the reason, women cannot resist him or his charm. It is a curse he has always lived with.

On that night, that unfortunate night, Edwin, wearing his light brown, leather coat, was walking through the darkness like he does most nights. There was a sense of urgency. He really wanted to get home to his small, but amazing apartment because he knew Suzy would be there wanting him to penetrate every orifice of her body. She always did when she came back from long work engagements. Something though grabbed Edwin’s attention. Something so out of the ordinary, that he couldn’t look away.

Across the street, in a store front window of a whore house, Edwin saw a man, all in black with a black fedora on his head about to stab a beautiful woman in white. The woman was clinging onto his wrists keeping his hands and blade from entering her terrific body. Edwin for a moment thought that this might be some sort of weird sex show. Edwin knew that a whore couldn’t be that great of an actor as she looked at him crying for help. Only he could be capable of such a performance.

Edwin went up to the window and tapped on it. The struggle continued. “Hey!” Edwin said calmly. “Is this for real? Do you want me to get help or something?”

“Oh God, yes!” The woman shouted, “Help me!”

The man in black froze for a second to look Edwin in the eye. Edwin was taken aback when he saw that the attacker had no face. The attacker obviously did have a face, but it was covered with a thick nylon so he couldn’t make it out. The man in black turned away from Edwin and continued his attack. The woman was screaming and Edwin did what he did best, which is everything usually, but in this instance, he just kept calm.

“It’s okay, lady. I’m sure he will stop in a moment,” Edwin said, trying to calm the woman who was fighting for her life. Edwin was slightly startled though when a gush of bright red blood splattered against the glass. The man in black, ran through the back, leaving the beautiful, but damaged woman, bleeding out, in the window.

“Help me,” The woman said, quietly as she slid down the window, smearing it with blood all the way down to the floor.

“Is there a door?” Edwin asked. “Could you open it?” Edwin looked around. No one was in sight. He tapped on the window again seeing if it would just move out of his way considering who he was. Nothing. Edwin thought that the window was being a total dick.

“Lady,” Edwin said, “I’m gonna go get help. Stay there.” Edwin would have gone to get help, but he had no clue where the police station was or where a phone was located. He knew there was one at his apartment, but that would mean Suzy would have to keep her hands off of his barrel frame until he was done with a phone call. Fat chance in hell of that happening. These were the things that Edwin was thinking of, right before he passed out due to a blow to the back of the head.

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