The Brain Thief – Chapter 2

2 – Day Six Examination

Roman pulled up the drive way to his house in his black, 1963 convertible Corvette and parked inside the empty three-car garage. He quickly pressed the button to shut the garage door before his car even stopped. As he walked through the semi-hollow garage, his footsteps echoed throughout the cavity that resembled an empty showroom more than a man’s garage.

He walked into the lovely, yet simple, ultra modernistic home. It was nearly void of color. Everything was either white or chrome from the furniture to the floors to the walls. It was vast; rooms that seemed to go on forever with very little in them. He traveled through a few different hallways until he reached a white door. This door was locked with a passcode and after a few familiar beeps, it opened.

Roman quickly walked into his laboratory and placed his leather satchel on the chrome table in the center of the room. This room was still clean and tidy, but it was much more cluttered than any other room in house with white and chrome gadgets, gizmos and apparatuses.

There was some groaning in the room that wasn’t coming from Roman.

“And how are we doing today, Beta?” Roman asked without lifting his head up from the table.

On the other side of the room, chained to the wall, was a ghastly sight. There stood what looked to be a man. He was bloated. His stomach was huge. His limbs were bone thin. There was thick, black liquid coming out of his nose and it looked as though it was also making it’s way out of his mouth too.

Roman looked up at him and was taken aback by the change in Beta since yesterday. “Day six and you don’t look too well my friend,” he said. Roman got closer and examined Beta. He pressed on Beta’s bloated stomach with his finger. “That is pretty taut. I will have to think of something for this.”

Roman took a swab of the black ooze coming from his nose and rubbed it on a slide. He turned on a recording device. “Day six: The stench of decay is becoming almost unbearable. The humidity in the lab is still very close to that of the humidity outside. It seems that the lungs in Beta have become liquified. Black ooze is coming out of his nose and mouth. His abdomen has swollen up to an unbelievable size as his internal organs liquify and decay creating gas pockets throughout his torso.”

After shutting the recorder off, Roman walked over to a walk-in freezer in the back of the lab. He unhitched the large steel handle and as he pulled the thick metal door open, a SWOOSH sound filled the air. He entered and pulled the door almost shut behind him. He left a brick in the doorway to make sure that it wouldn’t shut all the way.

“Hello Gamma,” Roman said. “You are looking rather well today.”

Roman was talking to a man who was chained to the back of the freezer. The man looked fairly normal besides the dark circles under his eyes and his gaunt face. His face however could have always looked like that.

The man, Gamma, looked up at Roman. “And you look a bit shit today, Doctor,” Gamma said.

“Thank you for noticing,” Roman said. “I had quite a chaotic morning.”

“The hunt didn’t go as well as it should have?” Gamma asked.

“No, no,” Roman said. “It did not go well at all.”

“Smells like you had a bite.” Gamma said and took another sniff.

“Don’t you worry about what I may have or may not have done,” Roman said. “I’m interested in you. How you are feeling.”

Gamma looked down at himself slowly. He tried to move his appendages. They didn’t get very far. “Well Doctor, I can’t seem to move very smoothly. What is the temperature in here?”

“Oh, I’d say a tad north of thirty-four degrees fahrenheit,” Roman said.

“Do you think you could warm it up a couple notches?” Gamma said. “I’m sure you are not trying to figure out what frozen meat does.”

“I’ll consider it,” Roman said. He moved in closer to Gamma and began to examine him. “It seems that your bite wound is still the only place where severe bruising has occurred. No strong traces of decomposition.”

“How is your buddy doing out there?” Gamma asked.

“Not well,” Roman answered. “I’m not entirely sure how much longer he will last.”

Gamma had a look of disdain on his face. “Well, that’s what we are here for.”

Roman smiled. “So you are.” He patted Gamma on the back and Gamma seemed to wince. “Did you feel any pain with that?”

“No,” Gamma answered. “Just my joints and muscles are frozen and forcing them to move is tricky.”

Roman headed towards the door and said, “All right. I’ll check in with you tomorrow.”

Gamma was silent.

Roman stopped and turned to him. “Good manners do not cost a thing, Gamma.” Roman left and shut the heavy door behind him.

Gamma, sat in the dark, grinding his teeth.

Roman sat at the table and jotted down some notes. Beta was moaning louder and louder. The smell coming off of his rotting corpse was getting to be even, too much for Roman to handle.

“Could you please keep it down, Beta? I’m trying to get some work done here.” Roman asked.

Beta, as much as he could, began to attempt to wave his arms. His grunting became more constant. He seemed to be bouncing in place and he stood there trying to get the doctor’s attention.

Roman was getting frustrated. “What is it?” he asked loudly as he slammed his pencil down on the table. “What could you possibly want? You are not getting anything to eat!”

Roman stood and walked closer to Beta who then pointed at his own bloated stomach.

“What?” Roman asked. “What is wrong?”

Just then, an explosion occurred. The explosion was Beta’s weakened tissues giving way as the gases inside of him could no longer remain contained. The explosion sent thousands of tiny pieces of black, grey, and red matter all throughout the room followed by a stench like nothing Roman had ever experienced.

Roman wiped the rotten sludge from his eyes and face and flung it off his hands onto the ground. His white lab coat was covered in corpse innards and his clean and tidy laboratory was now a mess that only a hazmat team should attempt to clean up.

“Really now?” Roman said as he looked at Beta with disgust.

Beta hung his head in shame as his stretched out stomach tissue hung and flapped in the air as it settled from the blast. The cavity that was left in place of Beta’s abdomen was shocking. You could see inside him from his ribs to his pelvis.

“It’s times like these, Beta, that I really wish I had a lab assistant,” Roman said.

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