REVIEW: Home is the Sailor by Day Keene

552722I have been looking for a novel by Day Keene for sometime. I was told that if I love Harry Whittington and Gil Brewer (which I totally do), that I would go nuts over Day Keene.

I had found some of his short stories in different anthologies that I had piked up over the years, but I hadn’t been able to stumble across any of his books.

Then, last year, at a high end used bookstore in Glendale, CA. I found a case that had a couple of his books in it. I freaked. I opened the glass case without thinking and saw that they were first runs of first editions, signed by Day Keene. They wanted more money than I had, on me or in the bank, so I left them there.

Then, quite recently, I went to The Illiad in North Hollywood and picked a few Day Keene novels. It’s funny how things work out.

I decided I would go with Home is the Sailor first. It is Hard Case Crime # 007. It had to be good.

The story is about a man named Swede Nelson, who after years at sea, decides that he has had enough and just wants to settle down and get hitched. He ended up hungover, no recollection of what he did the night before and was in the beach cottage of a woman named Corliss Mason, who is sexy as all hell.

Soon, they fall in love and end up covering up a murder.

Now, for those of you that don’t mind “instalove” this book will work for you just fine. Even if that bothers you a bit, I think it still works here.

Hell, Zoe and I both knew that we were going to marry each other after a day a two. It’s been four years. I guess that kind of thing really happens. I think it happened more then though.

The beautiful cover painting by R. B. Farrell and Gregory Manchess, shows a car going over a cliff and a man gripping onto his love for dear life. It is a great cover.

I think that is supposed to be in Malibu, CA. I know that the bulk of the story takes place in between Los Angeles and San Diego, but for some reason, I think for sure that they were in Malibu…hmmmmm…

Anyhow, if it was Malibu, I know the spot where the car goes over the cliff to crash down into the ocean below. I know it because I left my first wife there. She was pissed off at me and got out of the car and said she couldn’t be in a car with me any longer. I told her that I was going to leave then. She said that was fine. So I left her. We lived about an hour away from there and it was in the middle of the night. Thank heavens for cell phones I guess. She shouldn’t have told me to go…

The book is fast paced, action packed, and has this amazing little side thing going on with the newspaper. I absolutely loved this book and cannot wait to read more Day Keene.


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